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5,000+ Coaches Wanted To Learn This (Free Sessions Inside)

Wow! What an incredible kick-off for the WBECS Pre-Summit – I’ve had an amazing and impactful learning experience so far! I was truly blown away by the quality and depth of the first few sessions I attended and I’m excited for what’s yet to come.

Have you had a chance to join all the sessions of interest to you?

I know life can get busy and hectic, so if you’ve missed out on some of the content most relevant to you, I wanted to invite you to watch the top three sessions at the Pre-Summit at no cost.

  1. Judith E. Glaser – Myths, Magic, And More: The Science Behind ‘Neuro-Innovation’ (with well over 3,000 registrants!)

  2. Michael Bungay Stanier – The Surprising Secret To Building A Coaching Culture In Any Organization (Yes, Even In Yours)

  3. Dr. David Drake – Crossing The Threshold Of Resistance: It’s Time For A New Story About Change

Experience the full value and impact of WBECS with me and enjoy watching the recordings of these top 3 Pre-Summit sessions for a full week at no cost!

Click here to go directly to the top 3 session recordings.

The weekend is the perfect time to enjoy these powerful sessions and don’t forget to watch them within one week – before they are gone.

All the best,

Ton de Graaf, ChBC™

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Worldwide Coaching Magazine

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