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Partial Client Base

Ross Ott

VP, Human Resources, McKesson

Some time back, our business was in search of a coach for key members of our leadership team. Our first step in the process was to search the WABC website.  We believe the WABC demands high standards of its participants, and as such, we can be assured of the best results.  Our experience with Mr. Ton de Graaf has reinforced the quality of the WABC affiliated coaches, and our work with him has been highly beneficial to our business.  We believe that WABC coaches, and in particular Mr de Graaf, is impressive.

Marlies Martens

HR manager Aldi

Ton his ability is to motivate and inspire people. He has the knowlegde and experience to coach you on all of your business related questions. When you struggle with your feelings or future perspective he is able to stabilize it and open a new perspective for you.

Andreas Fritz

Seco Tools President Asia Pacific

Ton is an excellent coach providing a challenging and professional mirror to yourself and your company to strive for further excellence.

Christine & David McGregor

Training managers at TDC Training & Development Center

Ton is a true professional with a passion for his clients and the coaching community at large.

It is a great pleasure to recommend Ton: his coaching has to be the best starting point, and continued support around, for your corporate journey.

Hettie De Wijs

Senior Consultant Interpolis Insurance Company

I often consulted Ton on employee coaching. Ton is a top-professional with very strong soft skills. He creates trust, openness and teamspirit. He combines a warm, flexibel personality with a realistic approach of academic items. His common sense is refreshing and leads to results that people can easely accept. He has a hands on mentality and he handles crisis well.

Stephie Pahlavi Zan


I enjoy surrounding myself by superlative individuals of high intelligence. I own an Exclusive & Private Network, PRIVE. Ton fits right in with the other high profile, exceptional and highly intelligent members. He often contributes brilliant Blogs and participates in high level discussions. I do not hesitate to recommend Ton for anything he sets his mind to.

Qian Brone

President at Whalesfin Inc.

Ton is a wonderful business coach with great leadership qualities.

Toon Bullens

Faculty at Nyenrode Business Universiteit

Ton has proven to be a dedicated consultant for HRM- and business-development affairs. I do not hesitate to recommend him, as I highly appreciate his skills and his ability to act as a business partner.

Felicia Brokerhof MSc

Senior Manager at Justice Department

Ton is smart, driven, straightforward en with his charming personality he connects easily with all kinds of people. he's not afraid to tell it exactly as it is and whith his natural charisma people want to listen to him.

Gregg Swanson

The Warrior Sales Coach

I worked with Ton and he is one of the most insightful coaches I know. He brings vast worldly knowledge to all his sessions.