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Learn from the most brilliant minds in coaching at no cost.

As coaches, the quality of our coaching is our most valuable asset. That's why I believe that constantly educating ourselves is crucial for long-term success.

You might know that I have attended WBECS - the World Business and Executive Coaching Summit - last year... And their online classes really impacted the way I coach. I loved learning the latest methodologies and connecting with a community of like-minded colleagues. Plus, it shows when it comes to the results I achieve with my clients as well.

At WBECS - which is a live, online summit - you get to learn from over 40 of the most brilliant minds in the coaching profession. They share their best tools and strategies and even do live coaching demonstrations (which I have found to be especially valuable!).

Plus, you'll be able to earn up to 3 CCE Units at no cost.

I've personally benefited from the summit and would love to invite you to join at no cost.

The amazing presenters at WBECS cover a wide range of topics and coaching disciplines. It might be hard to choose, but you are welcome to register for as many sessions as you'd like.

Here are just a few examples of all the live classes you'll be able to attend when you join the complimentary Pre-Summit:

  • Peter Bregman - Emotional Courage and Coaching: The Key to Helping Your Clients Get Massive Traction on Their Most Important Work (and Getting Your Most Stuck Clients Unstuck)

  • David Peterson - The DNA of VUCA: Coaching leaders to deal with chaos, complexity, and exponential change

  • Peter Hawkins - Delivering Value Beyond the Individual and Beyond the Team

  • Erica Dhawan - Get Big Things Done: The Power of Connectional Intelligence

  • Cy Wakeman - No Ego: How Leaders Can Cut the Cost of Drama, End Entitlement and Drive Big Results

And so much more!

Are you curious? Then reserve your spot for the complimentary WBECS Pre-Summit now:

I promise you will gain incredible value from it!

Live and learn,

Ton de Graaf,

Executive Coach and Chartered Business Coach™

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the Worldwide Coaching Magazine

PS: You will also get to join a global community of thriving coaches and benefit from many interactive features like panel discussions and Q&As. I highly recommend that you join the free Pre-Summit now before the most popular sessions are full. Here is the registration link for you again.

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