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Ton de Graaf, executive coach

Ton de Graaf, Executive Coach and Chartered Business Coach™

“Ton’s approach is clear, direct and results focused with a clear emphasis on the actions that clients will take to embed changes. Ton’s clients often feedback that they like his no-nonsense approach combined with his ability to create a safe space for them to experiment and test their thinking and behavioural changes.”



Ton is an experienced international executive and chartered business coach. His focus is one-on-one coaching for top executives (C-level, EVP, SVP, VP and MD level) in multibillion, multinational companies with a preference for the “Next Generation of Global Corporate Leaders”.


He is one of the very few coaches in the world who was designated by the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches as a Chartered Business Coach™ (ChBC™) after a rigorous and independent assessment conducted by the Middlesex University and the Professional Development Foundation in the UK. Business coaches at this level are accountable for critical analysis, diagnosis, design, planning execution and evaluation. They exercise substantial personal autonomy and show significant influence and leadership within their organization, the profession, or academic settings. Chartered status tells the wider community that a business/executive coach has the highest level of specialized subject knowledge and professional competence.


Ton started his career in the military where he learned about leadership while serving with the Royal Dutch Military Police as a Platoon Leader and later as a Captain with the Royal Dutch Air Force. He continued his career in the corporate world as a change manager, interim manager, program manager, HRD manager and General Manager in various industries, such as Banking, Construction, Consulting, and Insurance.



Kind, practical, pragmatic, and inspirational. Those are the words most often used by his clients to describe Ton’s style of coaching. His military background and extensive business experience are appreciated by his clients because it brings fearlessness, grit, and confidence to every coaching session. Yet, simultaneously, he still manages to create a safe space where more effective leadership behaviors can be discovered and then put into practice.



Ton has studied organizational psychology and several professional development courses over time. He was awarded the Certified Master Business Coach and Chartered Business Coach certification by the Professional Development Foundation and the Middlesex University in the UK. Ton is Hogan and Denison Leadership Assessment certified and is experienced in Situational Leadership®, Emotional Intelligence, Systemic Coaching, as well as in other psychometric assessments. The International Coach Academy in Australia has asked him to become an Executive, Business and Life Coach trainer due to his highly successful results-oriented approach. Ton has authored 13 books on the coaching profession and was the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the Worldwide Coaching Magazine. Ton’s working languages are Dutch, English and German.



He lives in the Netherlands with his wife and two sons. Ton enjoys traveling, working out, playing tennis with his sons and loves playing the harmonica and ukulele.

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