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Ton de Graaf, executive coach

Ton de Graaf, Executive Coach and Chartered Business Coach™

“Ton’s approach is clear, direct and results focused with a clear emphasis on the actions that clients will take to embed changes. Ton’s clients often feedback that they like his no-nonsense approach combined with his ability to create a safe space for them to experiment and test their thinking and behavioural changes.”






About the Chartered Business Coach™ designation:

From the press release:

“The Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC) has awarded Ton de Graaf of the Netherlands, the prestigious Chartered Business Coach designation.This international credential, the first ever chartered-status designation for business coaches and the industry’s most advanced credential, is reserved for the world’s most senior coaches. Chartered Business Coaches have completed the WABC Accredited (Chartered Level) program and have achieved a record of excellence and leadership in their field.

Wendy Johnson,WABC President and Chief Executive Officer, comments,“The Chartered Business Coach designation is as good as it gets.This credential singles out the world’s top business coaches, the ones who have the most experience, skills and training. A Chartered Business Coach is at the pinnacle of our emerging profession—a leader, an influencer, an example to us all.”

I could talk to you about my experience as a Platoon Leader with the Royal Dutch Military Police and as Captain with the Royal Dutch Air Force. I could share with you the things I learned as an Interim Manager, Change Manager, General Manager and Board Member.


Maybe you would even be interested in my professional development and certification as the world’s first Chartered Business Coach™. I could even talk to you about the books I wrote about the coaching profession. If you’re really interested in all that, then please visit my LinkedIn profile or visit the online shop on this website. 


What I would really like you to know about me is that I’m a very proud father of two sons (born in 2003 and 2004). And nothing gives me more pleasure than hanging out with them, playing tennis or go for a swim.  My resume wouldn’t disclose how proud I am of my wife who fully supported me when I quit my job and started my Executive Coaching practice two weeks before our youngest son was born.


In my resume there’s nothing about my childhood;  I founded my own tennis club (with 300 paying members and another 200 on the reserve list during the first year) at age 16. 


It wouldn’t reveal how privileged I feel when people allow me into their lives and share their most secret fears, needs and wants. That I’m truly humbled by their willingness to be coached by me although they know I won’t ‘help’ them, but challenge them and hold them accountable to their desired actions.


My resume doesn’t reflect how proud I am of the hundreds of coaches I have trained across the globe (as a trainer with the International Coach Academy in Australia) and who are now, in turn, changing lives as I have changed theirs.


Maybe you should talk to one of my clients whom I started coaching when he was a marketing manager in 2008. He became a Managing Director of a 30 million euro company and crossed the 100 million euro mark within three years. He has just been promoted to President of the Asia Pacific region and asked me to continue to be his coach.


So, here's what I do:

I help you raise your game to become the best leader you can be.

Feel free to get in touch when you're ready to become your most awesome self.