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This is how to land more coaching clients in 2021s

Starting this week, you can learn live from 2 of the industry’s brightest minds, the World’s #1 Business Development Coaches, Dorie Clark and Alisa Cohn!

Join them for their complimentary masterclass; Counterintuitive Secrets to Growing Your Coaching Business. Simply by attending, you can claim 1.5 complimentary CCEUs!

In this session, Dorie & Alisa will reveal their secrets to getting more clients quickly and authentically. Learn a consistent process for finding, connecting with, and selling to clients - without really feeling like you’re selling yourself at all.

Learn how to grow your coaching business by:

• Attracting the right types of coaching clients • Reframing your mindset around business development • Feeling more confident approaching and selling to potential clients • Talking about your services and offerings in new and exciting ways

If you want to uncover business development secrets from two 7-figure executive coaches, this masterclass is for you. Get key concepts you can use to grow your coaching practice immediately!

If you're interested, I highly recommend that you sign up right away. The first 3 sessions have now reached full capacity.

This education has the power to profoundly impact your coaching business. Excited to see you there!

Live and Learn,

Ton de Graaf

Executive Coach and Chartered Business Coach


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