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The Art of Coaching

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The continued debate over the standardisation of coaching with best practices and frameworks versus the fluidity of meeting the client where they are and using customised solutions.

One of the many advantages of being the editor-in-chief of this magazine is that I am one of the first to read the articles presented to us. The wealth of knowledge and thought provoking insights of our contributors never cease to amaze me.

When I started out as a coach I was only too happy to have some tried and tested coaching tools and models at my disposal that I could use with my coachees.

Now, many years later, I have a large array of systems, models, theories and tools at my disposal. Sometimes I use them, sometimes I don’t; it all depends on the needs of my coachee.

When transactional coaching is required, tools often come in very handy. When transformational coaching is required I’m more inclined to use customised solutions.

In this edition I’m proud to present some newly developed tools that you might find helpful, or at least thought provoking.

Wether or not you use them during your coaching sessions is of course entirely up to you. Only you decide what works best for your coachee to reach their goals.

That is, after all, the art of coaching.

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