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Marketing for Coaches

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Marketing one’s practice efficiently and effectively.

In last month’s edition we took a closer look at what makes a coach really successful. In this edition we focus on your coaching practice and how you can market your services in a efficient and effective manner.

We start with Leanne Hoagland Smith’s unconventional approach to marketing in which she addresses several theories on motivation and psychological needs.

Lyn Christian’s toolkit is filled with three powerful lessons she’s learned in the past year about how to engineer an easy and effective marketing strategy.

Leon VanderPol discovered that there is no silver bullet, and nothing that you “need” to do when it comes to marketing. Align your marketing to who you are—your unique gifts, talents, passions and desire to be of service to humanity—and let that be your guide.

Padraig O’Sullivan shares some valuable insights from a former U.S. Navy SEAL officer. Prof. David Clutterbuck informs you about some coaching misconceptions and Karen Hurt has a few important questions on strategy that will help you move forward towards a thriving coaching practice.

Here’s to your marketing success!

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