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Future Trends in Coaching

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Coach practitioners have been widely affected by the pandemic. According to ICF’s COVID-19 and the Coaching Industry study, almost one in two (49%) said they had experienced reduced income while 37% said their hours had been reduced. Just one in three coach practitioners (34%) said they had not experienced adverse effects from the pandemic on their income and employment.

A large majority of coach practitioners (71%) agreed or strongly agreed that “coaches will have to invest more in technology in the future,” ranging from 64% in North America to 81% in the Middle East and Africa.

The large majority of coach practitioners (85%) agreed or strongly agreed with the statement: “Coaching clients have been willing to adapt to new technologies regarding their coaching sessions.”

Across the globe we have seen large increases in the use of an audio-video platform to coach clients, from 74% in Asia to 82% in Eastern Europe.

In this edition we explore some possible future trends in coaching. It might help you prepare for a future proof coaching practice.

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