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Coaching Healthcare Professionals

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In this edition we focus on coaching professionals in the healthcare industry. We take a closer look at the individual healthcare practitioner and at the leadership across the healthcare sector. In her article Tracy Duberman, President and CEO of The Leadership Development Group, states that: “Undeniably, all healthcare sectors hold the same shared goal of providing the best care to consumers, but each of the different (and often competing) sectors also holds varying interests, values, and points of view.”

Tracy suggests that a “healthcare ecosystem approach, where sectors operate interdependently, has the potential to create greater value for consumers (patients and populations) by balancing and leveraging expectations, needs, resources, and contributions across the sectors.” In her article she introduces the Healthcare Ecosystem Leadership Model (HELM™).

This month’s Coaching Toolkit is filled with valuable resources for healthcare professionals and healthcare coaches that you certainly don’t want to miss (do check out the videos of Dr. Stephen Porges and Dr. Mark Hyman).

Suzanne Henwood and Grant Soosalu offer you a self reflective tool to explore issues in burnout using mBIT techniques (in 2015 it was reported that more than half of the medics in USA are reporting professional burnout).

Leanne Hoagland-Smith questions if there really is a difference in coaching healthcare professionals and other professionals. Leanne also has an offer for that you can’t refuse…

Jessica Johnson shares with us one of the important effects of coaching; we are the witnesses of change. A wonderful story about the important work we do.

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