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Coaching Across Religious and Spiritual Beliefs

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There are several different religions around the world, many with their own profound spiritual texts. As a student of various world religions, one might be able to find things of great value in each of these religions.

However, religion that teaches us that we must rely completely on external advice or external books—as opposed to listening to the urging of one’s own soul—is a religion that is destructive to mental health. Certainly, external advice can be useful, but only in the case in which the person receiving that advice authentically agrees with that advice.

The purpose of religion, in general, is to unite a group of people under the same values and principles and to facilitate their collective and individual communication with a Higher Power and/or philosophy. In other words, religion was meant to enhance spirituality.

In this edition we focus on religious and spiritual beliefs and how we can best support our coachees through this journey of awakening.

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