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Coach Training and Certification How to Pick a Reliable Source

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Back in 2004 Dr. Rey Carr, Editor-in-Chief of the Peer Bulletin, published a paper about coaching certifications and accreditations. The purpose of the paper was to reduce the confusion about coach credentialing and provide guidance to prospective coaches, current coaches, and the general public about the nature of, sources for, and issues associated with credentials.

Today this paper is still as insightful as it was then. That’s why we have decided to republish it in this month’s edition with permission of the author (thanks again Rey!). You’ll be surprised how little has changed over the years.

Lyn Christian has a chat with Sarah Boman about how to pick a reliable coach training and certification program. Very insightful indeed!

Dr. Kevin Lewis shares his insight on the difference between two high level assessments for executives; the Birkman method and Hogan assessments to determine a leader’s potential predispositions and development opportunities.

Mjellma Gonzales shares her tips on how to boost your career development and Peak Performance and Mental Toughness Expert, Gaj Ravichandra and Executive Coach Leila Rezaiguia share 8 of the top training trends they’ve noted in 2019 and what you should pay attention to in 2020.

Dr. Tracy Duberman, CEO of The Leadership Development Group, reveals how to sustain the positive behavioural change resulting from coaching after the engagement has ended.

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