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Career Coaching

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The key to have a sustainable career is to find one that you really love and enjoy. However, it is not at all easy to find a job that gives you immense satisfaction. In this 16 modules course you will find different techniques and strategies on how to go about managing your career. Don't wait for a promotion, make it happen yourself, be pro-active and in control of your destiny. As a career coach you are in a position to facilitate the positive change that not only has an effect on your coachee but also on their company, peers, direct reports and senior management.

This is a fantastic tool for Business and Executive coaches.

Table of Contents


Module 1: How to get a sparkling life.

Module 2: Finding Your Passion.

Module 3: Taking Action

Module 4: Take Control of Your Life

Module 5: What Do You Want To Be In Life?

Module 6: Change your mind, change your life!

Module 7: How to Manage Your Career

Module 8: Begin With the End in Mind

Module 9: What is Success?

Module 10: Forming a Vision for your career

Module 11: Writing a Winning CV

Module 12: Preparing For the Job Interview

Module 13: Managing the Interview

Module 14: How To Negotiate For The Best Deal

Module 15: What To Do After The Interview

Module 16: Interview Planning And Preparation Pro-Forma

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