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Artificial Intelligence or AI is a reality. The smart devices connected to homes and businesses are beginning to impact the executive coaching industry.

And the potential for misunderstanding AI is very real because of the human nature to go for the quick fix.

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Meet your new coach...

Wow! What an incredible kick-off for the WBECS Pre-Summit – I’ve had an amazing and impactful learning experience so far! I was truly blown away by the quality and depth of the first few sessions I attended and I’m excited for what’s yet to come.

Have you had a chance to join all the sessions of interest to you?

I know life can get busy and hectic, so if you’ve missed out on some of the content most relevant to you, I wanted to invite you to watch the top three sessions at the Pre-Summit at no cost.

Click here to gain direct access to the top 3 sessions of the WBECS Pre-Summit:

  1. Judith E. Glaser – Myths, Magic, And More: The Science Behind ‘Neuro-Innovation’ (with well over 3,000 registrants!)

  2. Michael Bungay Stanier – The Surprising Secret To Building A Coaching Culture In Any Organization (Yes, Even In Yours)

  3. Dr. David Drake – Crossing The Threshold Of Resistance: It’s Time For A New Story About Change

Experience the full value and impact of WBECS with me and enjoy watching the recordings of these top 3 Pre-Summit sessions for a full week at no cost!

Click here to go directly to the top 3 session recordings.

The weekend is the perfect time to enjoy these powerful sessions and don’t forget to watch them within one week – before they are gone.

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