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Unprecedented Times

Unparalleled Support

Healthcare Leaders are Stepping Up to the Plate… And so are we. We believe that strong leadership is a critical factor to successfully navigate the rapidly changing landscape created by the COVID-19 outbreak. We take our role supporting leaders, teams, and organizations very seriously. For this reason, we have created a special global cadre of leadership coaches and health ecosystem leadership experts to support you through the specific challenges of leading during this time of uncertainty. As people around the world grapple with the ambiguity and uncertain impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic, leaders, especially those within the health ecosystem, are being asked to step up to the plate. In this new environment, leaders are making complex decisions on a minute by minute basis to keep their workforces and communities safe, while also trying to maintain a laser-beam focus on delivering highly efficient and effective services in context of spiked demand and limited resources. Expert Guidance. Specialized Support. On Demand Delivery. TLD Group has mobilized our health ecosystem leadership coaches and consultants to help those on the front lines of the pandemic. We have adapted our solutions to be available during expanded hours, 100% virtually, and on-demand in key leadership areas. Clients can access our curated global faculty via an online platform or work directly with our core team to schedule delivery via video-conferencing software. Special leadership support to address the challenges associated with COVID-19 include:

  • Navigating a Pandemic

  • Leading in Times of Crisis

  • Maintaining Focus and Balance

  • Breathing and Mindfulness Practices

  • Frontline Clinician Support

  • Executing Under Pressure

  • Making High-Quality Decisions in Uncertain Conditions

  • Navigating Team Members’ Anxiety and Fear

  • Maintaining Morale in the Face of Change

  • Leading Virtual Teams

Critical Services to Support your Needs

1:1 On Demand Coaching In a time of unprecedented pressure to demonstrate leadership and high levels of public concern, the performance of senior leaders is more critical than ever. TLD Group’s coaches include former C-suite leaders and tenured health ecosystem consultants who have experience steering organizations through crisis and challenge. This service is available on a per session basis at the frequency and cadence that best matches your needs and can all be accomplished virtually.

Virtual Team & Group Leadership Development Teams are being asked to perform under conditions and environments that may be entirely new to them. Our expert faculty has extensive experience working with teams to enhance business results, engage trust, open communication, and align on shared vision in a virtual environment. This service includes 1:1 consultation with the team leader, custom designed content, live virtual delivery of content, and as needed communication with the leader and team.

Consultation with Health Ecosystem Experts

Sometimes in crisis you need an expert in the room. Our faculty of health ecosystem experts leverage research-based content to help build knowledge on critical topics for leading through a pandemic. Consultations are focused on providing specific expertise to navigate the uncertain healthcare environment and drive required change.

How to Get Started

For information on access and pricing, please contact your Client Relationship Manager or email or get in touch with me directly

Navigating a sudden, deep and widespread crisis, like this global pandemic, requires a level of calm, fortitude and resilience that is not called forth every day, rarely in most lifetimes.

As coaches we can support those who are in the frontline every single day. The doctors, nurses, paramedics, policemen, but also the small business owners and all those others who feel the effects of this pandemic. Let's reach out to them and show our support by offering free coaching or counseling sessions. 

Reach out to those who need our support now more than ever. 

Tips for Coaches

Listen with an open mind to their stories, allow them to share without judging. Be there for them in that moment. You don't have to solve anything.

Be a realistic optimistic. Balance planning for worst case scenarios with imagining upside possibilities for the growth and good that will emerge.

Generate grounded hope. Generate a pathway to goals to unleash the agility and ingenuity to navigate the path forward.

Never stop cultivating confidence. We are paralysed when confidence is low. Use all your coaching skills to help people have enough confidence to take the next step.

Drive resilience. All of the above, plus an intentional focus on plucking the positive experiences out of a crisis. Connect, collaborate, be grateful and compassionate, tap into your sense of adventure and purpose.

Take care of your body and health. It’s our most important asset, when a virus is our collective foe.

We will overcome this crisis, wiser, stronger, and better than ever before.

Wishing you all the best,

Ton de Graaf, Executive Coach

Quest Coaching International

Let me start by painting the bigger picture first. In general (wether it’s in life, business or executive coaching) there are two approaches: transactional and transformational.

Transactional coaching is described as an exchange (or transaction) between the coach and coachee to achieve clearly defined goals (often described in ‘external’ terms, like: loose weight, time management, influencing up and down, communicate better, grow your business, fix relationship, etc.). Transactional coaching is therefor more or less solution focussed. It’s more about doing and not so much about being.

Transformational coaching is focussed on enabling self-actualisation. Transformational coaching dives deep into a coachees psyche, focussing on who the coachee is and desires to become. It’s more about being and not so much about doing.

The higher one climbs up the corporate ladder, the lesser it is about what you know or what you do, but more about who you are and how you see, and present, yourself.

That is why executive coaching plays an important role in business. A combination of transactional and transformational coaching leads to a better understanding of what your role in your organisation is and how you can effectively lead your people and your business into a prosperous future in a cool, calm, collected and empowering way.

Happier people with a sense of purpose are more effective, creative and collaborative which in turn leads to a higher productivity.