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The E-Zine for Life, Business and Executive Coaches.

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#74 October 2020
Staying True in a World of Lies and Fake News
#73 September 2020
Future Trends in Coaching
#72 July/August 2020
Coaching on Painful Experiences
#71 June 2020
The Art of Coaching: The continued debate over the standardisation of coaching with best practices and frameworks versus the fluidity of meeting the client where they are and using customised solutions.
#70 May 2020
Evolving Corporate Cultures Beyond Profit and Competition
#69 March/April 2020
Coaching in Education
#68 WCM February 2020
Coaching People With Addictions
#67 WCM January 2020
Coach Training and Certification.
How to Pick a Reliable Source
#66 November-December 2019
In this edition we focus on corporate transformation and how coaches can help to make it successful.
#65 October 2019
#64 September 2019
Coaching in the Digital Era
#63 July/August 2019
Neuroscience and Coaching
#62 june 2019
Marketing your coaching practice
#61 May 2019

If you are struggling with bullying, harassment, cyberbullying or anti-social behaviour issues, we hope this edition will enable you to identify solutions and remedies along with practical help.
#60 March April 2019
Who are you? Coaching on a Sense of Self.
#59 February 2019
Career Transitions, When to take the big step. Do's and don'ts
#58 January 2019
Coaching versus Therapy
#57 November-December 2018
Team Coaching
#56 October 2018
Coaching Healthcare Professionals
#55 September 2018
New Coaching Methodologies
#54 July-August 2018
In this edition we offer you the knowledge and tools to make an informed decision about the validity of neuroscience in coaching.
#53 June 2018
In this edition we take a look at what it takes for a successful coach to build a thriving coaching business?
#52 May 2018
Organisational Development Coaching
#51 March April 2018
Difficult Conversations
#50 February 2018
Proven Coaching Methodologies
#49 January 2018
Transformational Coaching
#48 November-December 2017
Emotional Intelligence, what leaders need to know about IQ, EQ and SQ
#47 October 2017
The Ethics of Coaching
#46 September 2017
Coaching Mindfulness,
What coaches and leaders need to know
#45 July-August 2017
Psychometric Assessments
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#67 WCM January 2020

Coach Training and Certification. How to Pick a Reliable Source

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