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 . . which has never been produced. According to the series producer, Hollywood producer Jon Peddie, the show was originally intended for NBC. A host of high profile actors and actresses were attached, including Richard Chamberlain (who refused to appear as a coroner due to his religious beliefs), Ted Danson, and even Tom Hanks. Peddie stated in the early 2000s that the series had been planned and was a matter of having to "reinvent the show for the new millennium." The last statement was apparently made in September 2003, when Peddie was interviewed on The Howard Stern Show, although the original concept was revealed on Jon Stewart's The Daily Show in 2006. In 2009, the Los Angeles Police Department announced that they would be conducting a series of tests to measure the accuracy of psychic crime solving. The idea is that if a police officer or psychic gets it wrong, it's valuable information. In 2010, ABC announced they were launching a show named Medium. It ran for two seasons. The Real Cops featured a segment called 'Psychic Cops' in which five detectives were tested in an ongoing series of psychometric tests. The actual test data was not released. . . . In the UK, The Psychic Detective proved to be successful, with over five million people watching the series over its five-year run on the BBC. In 2015, the UK Channel 5 announced a new show, Psychic Detectives, which would be based on the American show. . . . The following is a partial list of shows based on the A&E TV show. Asia In Southeast Asia, there is also an A&E variation of the format called Psychic J. In this version, a police officer called a psychologist is used. This version of the show does not use a crime of the week. See also List of programs broadcast by A&E References External links The Psychic Detectives Category:A&E (TV channel) original programming Category:2005 American television series debuts Category:2000s American crime television series Category:2010s American crime television seriesPages Wednesday, February 5, 2013 Radio Station Without a Program I just came back from a walk with my dog and was looking at a television set that was tuned to a local radio station. It is usually a station that has a movie






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Bluestone Silk N Blood Videos
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