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Who Are You?

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Who am I? Is this a question you have asked yourself lately? When I answer it for my self, I come up with a number of roles I have ‘played’ in the past: athlete, Military Police Officer, Airforce Captain, counselor, change manager. I also think of my current roles: executive coach, publisher, father, husband, friend.

In other words, my roles have changed over the years. So, how did this affect my identity, my sense of self? Do I still have the same identity as ten years ago? How will my identity change in the next ten years?

Perhaps the latter is a far more interesting question because it gives me the opportunity to re-create myself if I want to. How exciting is that!

The different roles I had during the course of my life might have changed, but has my core self changed also? What has remained the same? This question leads to my core values: honesty, reliability, trustworthy to name but a few. Choices I have made consciously; who I choose the be.

Maybe this edition will help you answer the same question: Who are you? And maybe this edition will help you discover the identity of your coachees.

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