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Let me start by expressing my gratitude for all the kind and heartwarming messages I received for my farther when our previous edition was published. I’m very happy to report that my father is recovering and is back home again. Although he is still very fragile, there must be some vitality and zest for life inside of him.

Which brings me to this month’s topic: vitality, or, as Leanne Hoagland-Smith defines it: our innate capacity to live and develop. She argues that vitality and vigour are true partners in our innateness to be better.

Julia von Flotow states that ‘vitality is life’ and she shows us how we can best navigate the changing external conditions and live sustainably.

As a Coach, wouldn’t it be great if you knew how to guide both yourself and your clients into higher levels of energy and vitality? Grant Soosalu has the answer in his article “Vital Spirit, Vitally Alive, Bringing the head, heart and gut brains alive!”

Would you like to know what really exceptional leaders do that make them so exceptional? Padraig O’Sullivan shares the results of his ground breaking new research!

Sandra Stephenson continues her coaching adventure with Mr. Roberts. In this episode he gains a new vitality, a new sense of life and most of all, he doesn’t need Viagra any more. How’s that for vitality!

I hope you will enjoy this June/July edition of our magazine and that it will re-vitalise you and your coaching practice.

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