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Leon vandePol explains in his article: “Transformation is defined as a thorough change in form, nature, or appearance. It is a huge, sweeping change. Yet in the coaching industry the word is often used to describe either normal change processes or to describe coaching in general.”

All transformation is change, but not all change is transformation…and not all coaching is transformational coaching. This edition will show you what the difference is and how you can learn to bring about change through transformation in your own coaching practice.

Julia von Flotow and Leanne Hoagland-Smith share their best practises on how to use transformation during a coaching session. Grant Soosalu shares how mBIT can help you bring about a truly systemically transformational.

Lyn Christian, while supporting clients through transition, consistently reaches for three specific tools. I this month’s Toolkit, she happily shares these best practices with you!

However, Best Practises doesn’t necessarily have to be the best thing for you. Patricia Wheeler explains what specific actions leaders can take to mine and develop collective intelligence, so that they create robust Next Practices to become or stay competitive in a complex, changing world.

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