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The State of the Coaching Profession

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This month’s theme is the ‘state of the coaching profession’ as seen through the eyes of very experienced coaching practitioners.

Padraig O’Sullivan mentioned in his article that “it seems like every tenth person is becoming a coach, or at least would like to!”

It does seem that way doesn’t it? So, how do you distinguish the professional coach from the well intended amateur?

Padraig has asked the buyers of coaching services this very question and they came up with seven criteria for hiring coaches. They also came up with five reasons for putting certain coaches and indeed coaching firms on a black list- i.e. never to be hired again!

So, how do you make sure you will not end up on the black-list? Luckily we have Lyn Christian on board to help us out! Instead of discussing “The State of the Profession,” she turned the camera around for an inward perspective and focusses on the professionals. That’s you, and that’s me.

Lyn asks us to ponder the following questions: What professional organisations support my work and support me? Which groups do I lean into? How do I stay on top of my niche? How can I manage my cash flow so the good times can roll even in the hardest of times? Of course Lyn has some suggestions for answering those questions!

Leanne Hoagland -Smith, Leon VanderPol and Julia von Flotow also focus on the individual coach and their coaching journey. They offer valuable insights in the true nature of our profession and have suggestions on how to develop yourself from amateur status to professional coach.

One of those suggestions is, of course, to stay on top of the coaching profession by subscribing to the Worldwide Coaching Magazine. Great suggestion!

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