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Team Coaching

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In this last edition of 2018 we focus our attention on team coaching. I’d like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to my own team here, at the virtual offices of the Worldwide Coaching Magazine.

Every year has its ups and downs and our acclaimed authors and contributors have had their fair share of both. The highs have been very high for some and the lows have been rock-bottom low for others. Still, they managed to keep things going and continued to contribute with their amazing articles, comments and feedback.

All of our authors and contributors have experienced significant change in their lives this past year. Starting an additional career, relocating, new family members being welcomed into our homes and hearts, new projects being launched and other projects successfully completed.

We also had our fair share of personally grief; bidding a final farewell to parents, a sudden and unexpected loss of friends and loved ones due to illness or by their own hand. Some were faced with their own mortality when sickness knocked on their door.

But still, our team faced these changes as real coaches do; head on, and with confidence in a positive outcome. Accepting the changes we cannot control and focussing on the things we can control. There is always a lesson to be learned and there’s always a new day ahead with new possibilities.

Such is life.

I’m deeply honoured and humbled to call this my team. To be a part of such an amazing group of people who give so much to so many, is more than I ever could imagine or hope for. I’m deeply grateful.

This edition is dedicated to you, my team, for being you.

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