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Systems Thinking

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Systems thinking is the process of understanding how things, regarded as systems, influence one another within a whole.

In organisations, systems consist of people, structures, and processes that work together to make an organisation "healthy" or “unhealthy".

In this edition we take a closer look at Systems Thinking and how understanding this can help you as a coach. Leanne Hoagland-Smith offers us a tool for clearly seeing “The Big Picture”.

Julia von Flotow suggests that instead of looking for what makes you unique, what makes you stand apart or stand out in the crowd, you could also focus on how you fit in.

Grant Soosalu states that through mBIT coaching pivotal insights emerge and bring about profound and transformational change, that simply isn’t possible using traditional coaching methods.

Vision, passion, and something worth fighting for are the key elements to make a difference in the world. Yael Blum shares a wonderful story that might just make your day!

Padraig O’Sullivan discovered a common trap for Executives transitioning to “C” level roles. If you want to know how to avoid it, then I suggest you read his article: “A Different Kind of Doing”. I hope you’ll enjoy this insightful edition.

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