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New Coaching Methodologies

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Growth, as an American entrepreneur once famously said, means change and involves risk, stepping from the known to the unknown. In The Growth Imperative, author Clay Christensen a professor at Harvard, writes of how we often admire the intuition that successful entrepreneurs seem to have stepping from the known to the unknown, and build growth businesses.

When they exercise their intuition about what actions will lead to the desired results, they really are employing theories that give them a sense of the right thing to do in various circumstances. These theories were not there at birth: They were learned through a set of experiences and mentors earlier in life.

In the February edition of our magazine we discussed proven coaching methodologies; the study of how coaching is done, how we find out about things, and how knowledge is gained and progression is made. In other words it’s about the principles that guide our coaching practices and therefore explains why we’re using certain methods or tools with our coachees.

In this edition we discuss some new scientific coaching breakthroughs that lead to new coaching methodologies like mBraining, and Lyn Christian presents her richly filled toolkit with ways to market your coaching methodologies.

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