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Integrating Coaching Skills, Embodied Wisdom in Everyday Life

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Are you integrating your coaching skills into every day life or do you reserve to use those skills only for your paying clients during a coaching session?

I was wondering about that question myself while I was coaching my two sons….with zero effect by the way. Coaching people (and especially kids) who have no intention of changing is just a futile exercise leading to nowhere. Being a dad I get that a lot I must say.

In this edition of our magazine we try to answer that same question. Can we coach ourselves? Are we better at changing our ways than our coachees? Are we coaching our friends, family or even people in our community without their explicit consent?

What if everyone could learn to use those coaching skills in their daily lives? If the entire world would learn to suspend judgement (and ask questions first), focus on the future (and don’t dwell on the past) and become action oriented (instead of just having intentions), wouldn't that be great?

Our world-class coaches share their insightful views on the matter in this edition. They even reveal what the #1 greatest lesson for coaches is! I wonder if you know what that might be.

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