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Inspirational Coaching

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Julia von Flotow explains in her article the true meaning of the word inspiration: “Inspiration is the stimulation or arousal of the mind or feelings to special or unusual activity or creativity. To inspire literally means to breathe – to inhale”.

When we, as coaches, inspire our coachees it means that our words are being inhaled and transformed into new ways of thinking, often resulting in a new set of actions. That’s why great coaching truly changes lives.

For this edition Lyn Christian interviewed three coaches (and I was honoured to be one of them) on how they inspire their coachees and what they do specifically that makes them so inspirational.

I personally was very much inspired by Fredric Laloux’s book ‘Reinventing Organisations’. It gave me the opportunity to look at organisations with ‘new eyes’.

As a result I had some inspiring discussions with colleagues across the globe. One of which was Lyn Christian, whom I was honoured to meet in Amsterdam (have a look at our Facebook page for a dapper picture of the two of us:).

Anyway, we hope you’ll be as much inspired by this edition as we were by making it!

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