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How to let go….and move on

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My father passed away on November 1st of last year and my mother followed him on January 4th. At this moment I’m very much in the process of letting go and moving on, which makes this edition of our magazine a special one to me.

At some point in time we all have to deal with loss, hardship, disappointments, grief, regret or fear. As this edition shows, coaching can very much help to overcome those obstacles and turn them into valuable lessons learned.

Leanne Hoagland-Smith focusses on the things you can control, things you can influence and things you can neither control nor influence. As Leanne shows us “life is about today and tomorrow because we all know yesterday cannot be changed”.

According to Julia von Flotow, in order to be at our best, we must first master the art of boundary setting and selfmanagement.

She has become aware of four common events that bring people to a standstill/to an awareness of stuckness and the pain and suffering that comes with it.

Leon VanderPol answers the question how coaching can effectively support the outworking of beliefs that are held so deeply they are wedded to the fabric of our self-identity.

I was very proud to be interviewed by Claire Lyell and Antoine Tirard for their article “Bootcamp to Boardroom” in which five former military men and women, share their story about letting go of military life and moving on to civic street.

This edition has given me many valuable insights in the process of letting go so,

I’m ready when you are: let’s move on!

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