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How to Become a Coach

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This eBook will teach you what it takes to become a coach. It describes the history and the future of coaching, coaching associations, certification requirements, competencies of a Personal and Business coach, the difference between coaching and other professions and what you need to jump-start your own coaching practice. You will learn to create a Business and Marketing Plan, set up multiple streams of revenues, determine your coaching niche and much, much more.

This eBook is filled with real live coaching examples, assessments and checklists. When you have finished this course you will be more than ready to start your own thriving coaching practice! This high valued course contains the latest knowledge on the coaching profession.


Table of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. A Brief History of Coaching
  3. The Purposes of Coaching
  4. What is coaching all about?
  5. What Coaching is Not
  6. Referring a client to a therapist
  7. The Role of a Personal Coach
  8. How Does Coaching Work?
  9. One-on-one Coaching
  10. Group coaching
  11. Do you want to become a coach?
  12. Do you have what it takes?
  13. Key skills of a coach
  14. Assessment
  15. The key competencies of a Personal Coach
  16. The key competencies of a Business Coach
  17. Questions and answers
  18. The future of coaching
  19. Qualifications and training in coaching
  20. What You Will Need to Start Your Coaching Business
  21. Business & Marketing Plan
  22. The Income Streams of a coach
  23. How to Build Your Business
  24. Finding your Niche
  25. Examples of Niches:
  26. Selling your coaching
  27. Overcoming objections
  28. The basics of coaching:
  29. Models and processes
  30. Coaching for Behavioral Change
  31. Ethics
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