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Forms and Templates for Your Coaching Practice

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From coaching agreements to liability disclaimers, from intake forms to assessments, from welcome packages to executive and organisational coaching proposals. The best thing about all this is that all forms are fully customisable Word documents. Add your own logo and business details and send it to your prospects and coachees. They will be amazed about the quality of your material.

All the materials you need to build, and expand your professional coaching practice.

These forms and templates can be personalised and customised. No ad banners, passwords or other restrictions. I believe in a world of abundance so, go ahead and use it.

This will give you the very professional look and saves you hundreds of hours of research and design.

When I started out as a professional coach one of the challenges I faced was about the administrative part of my business. I had to write coaching agreements and liability disclaimers, intake forms and assessments, welcome packages and executive and organisational coaching proposals. It took me years to assemble and design all those forms and templates. Over time I fine-tuned all that material based on feedback from clients and other coaches. Today I offer all these carefully designed materials to new and experienced coaches. This will give you a head start in your coaching practice.

These Forms and Templates will put you instantaneously ahead of your competition!

Over a 100 forms and templates in the following categories:

  1. Business coaching forms
  2. Life coaching forms
  3. Coaching call preparation forms
  4. Coaching reports
  5. Complementary coaching forms and welcome packages
  6. Exercises and assessments for your coachees
  7. Knowledge base (systems, methods, articles, examples of coaching processes, setting up teleclasses and bridgelines)
  8. Managing your business (getting clients, promoting your brand, marketing, business plan)
  9. Sales coaching forms
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