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Execution. Getting things done

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In this month’s toolkit Lyn Christian shares her definition of execution: “The process of carrying out a course of action. It’s the way we, and our clients, get important tasks accomplished.” In her article, you’ll find three tips on how to expertly put into effect a plan of action.

Leanne Hoagland-Smith finds that sustainable execution can happen when supported by proven, powerful and simple tools. If you are not achieving consistent execution of your strategies and goals, then maybe it is time to revisit the tools you are using.

There is also the ‘Kaizen’ way. Julia von Flotow states there’s an art and a science to everything you do as a coach including getting things done for yourself or helping others. Getting things done is all about execution – planning, management, leadership, engagement, accountability and follow through. A coaching partnership will help you gain insight and awareness to effectively leverage resources of time and money (effort) for optimum quality results. How to accomplish this is revealed in her article. Leon VanderPol shares ‘something completely different’ and asks you this question: “What is the most loving thing you can do for your client today?” He relies on a different approach to help his clients to get things done.

Prof. Dr. David Clutterbuck explains why coaches shouldn’t beat themselves up when client change doesn’t happen. Change is a process, not an event!

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