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Emotional Intelligence

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How to combine EQ, IQ and SQ in a leadership role.

In 1998 Daniel Goleman published his first article on emotional intelligence and leadership. The response to “What Makes a Leader?” was well received. People throughout and beyond the business community started talking about the vital role that empathy and self-knowledge play in effective leadership.

The concept of emotional intelligence continues to occupy a prominent space in the leadership literature and in everyday coaching practices. But in the past years, research in the field of social neuroscience—the study of what happens in the brain while people interact—is beginning to reveal subtle new truths about what makes a good leader.

Informed by the latest emerging neuroscience, and our burgeoning knowledge about the multiple brains (head, heart, gut, autonomic), along with new data on embodied cognition and interoceptive (inner) wisdom now available to us, Suzanne Henwood and Grant Soosalu propose the need for multiple forms of intelligence (mQ) in leadership.

Suzanne and Grant came up with the following equation:

IQ + EQ + HQ + SQx2 + GQ + BQ + PQ x2 + AQ = Being a Whole leader mQ

You can read about their intriguing findings in this edition.

In this final edition of 2017 I’d like to express my big thanks to all those wonderful contributors who freely share their knowledge, skills and experiences so you, dear reader, can stay informed on the latest developments and insights in the coaching profession.

I’m so very grateful for all you have done to make this such an amazing magazine!

Enjoy this edition!

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