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Coaching versus Therapy

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We start off the new year with a hot topic: Coaching versus Therapy. Where does therapy stop and coaching start? When do you refer a coaching client to a therapist?

When I researched this topic I even came across a combination of coaching and therapy. Sue Jackson and Andrew Parsons have written a position paper that describes a proposed definition and theoretical model for therapeutic coaching and coach training.

You can read their paper here: Developing principles for therapeutic coaching: A UK perspective

In this edition we offer you some in-depth knowledge and outspoken opinions on the subject for you to ponder on. Or, as Dr. Suzanne Henwood states in her article: “I hope that the discussion and the use of existing literature opens up the debate and your thinking in order that you can make your own assessment, as a coach, where you stand: to critically reflect on when you would refer on and how you distinguish yourself from therapy (if indeed you do).”

Enjoy this edition!

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