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Coaching on painful experiences

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One small virus becomes airborne in one part of the world and a few weeks later it has spread out across the globe.

One black man dies during his arrest and across the globe protests arise on police brutality and discrimination.

Just two examples of how truly globally connected we all are, and how we affect one another.

So, how do we deal with painful, and often traumatic experiences? What can we, as coaches, do to support those who are affected by it? How to we deal with loss, pain, or grief?

In this edition we try to answer those questions and offer you the tools to best support your clients in a non-judgmental and empowering manner.

But we also answer the question how we, as coaches, can best deal with painful experiences ourselves.

Some of the stories shared in this edition are very painful to read. But they need to be shared and read across the globe.

Only when we share our stories, and try to understand them, and start thinking of constructive ways to move forward together, is when healing can take place.

My heartfelt thanks go out to our contributors who freely shared their, often painful, stories and proved that being vulnerable is truly a strength.

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