Coaching on Personal Excellence

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This e-course is divided into 13 modules and includes exercises and assignments that will teach you the essence of leading an excellent life and enables you to express yourself more clearly and with confidence. It is written from the perspective of a coach (that's you!) to guide your coachee through this life changing experience.

You will learn to become an excellent Life Coach.

Table of Contents


Module 1: Understanding The Communications Process

Module 2: How to Understand Someone’s View of the World

Module 3: How to Communicate With Different Types of People

Module 4: How To Be A Great Communicator

Module 5: How to Make Smalltalk

Module 6: Giving and Receiving Feedback

Module 7: Discover What Your Life is Really About

Module 8: The Goal Setting Workshop

Module 9: How to Take Action

Module 10: How to achieve your goal- Planning and Action

Module 11: Overcoming Problems and Difficulties

Module 12: How to Keep Motivated and Make the Changes

Module 13: How to Live The Life You Want

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