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Coaching in Education

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Coaching is a conversational activity that aims to support people to learn and develop, therefore enhancing their ability to achieve more of their untapped potential.

This way of understanding coaching highlights how it is perfectly aligned with the purpose of educational organisations. By highlighting the "self-directed" nature of the interaction, we are distinguishing coaching from mentoring.

Coaching is not about teaching--it is about creating the environment in which people can learn for themselves by connecting with their natural curiosity.

In this edition we hope to offer you some insights and practical tools on how to best introduce coaching in education.

As COVID-19 is officially declared a worldwide pandemic, many in the global coaching community find themselves impacted, isolated or quarantined. At WBECS, they believe it is important to create unity, increase inclusion, and practice generosity - especially in these difficult times.

With this in mind, WBECS’s CEO Marva Sadler has a special offer: a complimentary pass for the remaining 10 weeks of the 2019-2020 Full Summit. Read her message on page 27 for details on how to apply.

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