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Coaching Mindfulness

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Coaching Mindfulness, What coaches and leaders need to know.

Ever since Google celebrated the universal impact of their mindfulness course “Search Inside Yourself,” organisations have been intrigued by the concept and its dramatic claims to enhance performance, leadership and wellbeing.

With 10 times the amount of mindfulness research being undertaken now compared to 10 years ago, it is hard not to take mindfulness seriously.

Mindfulness practice demonstrates that the internal world need not be held to ransom by the external world, but we must be active in the process of stopping it.

In this edition of our magazine we share what coaches and leaders need to know about mindfulness. We not only explore the the benefits but we also address the possible downside of it.

As Suzanne Henwood and Grant Soosalu reveal in their article: “While it is not commonly discussed, there are some preexisting conditions which might lead to potential discomfort when undertaking mindfulness practices. Mindfulness may not be appropriate for all clients.”

Something to think about before you jump on the bandwagon that is called Mindfulness!

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