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Career coaching

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The key to have a sustainable career is to find one that you really love and enjoy. However, it is not at all easy to find a job that gives you immense satisfaction, just working on it.

So many people these days change their field of work several times in the search for a better and fulfilling career.

Mostly all of us have faced the ups and downs in our working life. That’s not something to worry about. That’s life. The high and lows are inevitable.

In this edition we focus on career coaching. Leanne Hoagland-Smith explains the Peter Principle and how to avoid it.

Julia von Flotow shows us how presence and resilience are key to a fulfilling career.

Lyn Christian is, besides being a true Bad Ass, a career re-invention specialist. She shares her very valuable insights on career coaching.

Claire Lyell writes a moving letter to her children regarding their careers and how to find their future.

Sandra Stephenson continues her coaching adventure with Mr. Roberts. In this episode he finds himself being knocked down by a Shaman!

I hope you will enjoy this August edition of our magazine as much as I did.

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