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Building a Successful Coaching Business

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In the September 2016 edition of our magazine we discussed what it takes to become a coach and start a successful coaching practice. In this edition we take it a few steps further; what does it take for a successful coach to build a thriving coaching business?

We start with the individual coach in mind. Leanne Hoagland- Smith discovered 5 characteristic or attributes from her observation after 20 years, that are shared among successful coaches.

Dr. Matt Barney, CEO of LeaderAmp, addresses one of the most heard frustrations of coaches in the field: the scalability of their business. He offers some profound insights and solutions.

Lyn Christian has another toolkit filled with ‘ready-to-use’ insights and links. She introduces the concept of finding your Remarkability Factor. This is something she always covers when she’s working with new coaches, coaches who want to grow their practice, or any other small business.

Leon VanderPol answers a very important question in his article: “What do you think might happen if your way of being became the primary focus of your practice building effort each day?”

Prof. Dr. David Clutterbuck has the questions you need to ask yourself in order to develop a truly successful business.

Last but not least, Patricia Wheeler and Marshall Goldsmith share their views on leadership and the coaching model that underpins their very successful practices.

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