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A Thriving Coaching Practice

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Today there are multiple ways to become a professional coach. You can enrol in a coach training program, get certified and start running your own coaching practice. Every coach training facilitator will tell you that it’s almost a ‘no brainer’ to start a thriving coaching practice.

Well, here’s a news flash, it’s just not that easy. It’s not enough to be a great coach, you have to be a great entrepreneur as well. You’re running a business.

In this edition we take a look at what it takes to become a coach and develop a successful coaching practice. Tim Levy shares some practical, hands-on strategies that will drive the growth of your business, whatever your particular coaching niche may be.

Leanne Hoagland-Smith interviewed some very successful coaches and discovered the secret of their success.

Lyn Christian could share hundreds of tips and tools to grow a strong and healthy practice. In this edition she shares seven of them that she found to be very practical and productive.

Leon VanderPol shares 4 unconventional lessons for the unconventional coach. Prof. Dr. David Clutterbuck wondered about the core traits of truly effective coaches and his findings may surprise you!

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